Sticky Can Be Good.

Final Thought:

Sometimes it Sticks.  

Parenting, as you know, is in many ways, a thankless job.  

If we’re not battling some kind of physical obstacles, with our children (growing pains, teething,sickness, a billion booboos, even potty training) we’re dealing with behavioral challenges (discipline, manners, nightmares, tantrums, etc.) and to make matters worse, we have NEVER DONE THIS SHIT BEFORE! 

In fact, even if you have a second, third, or fourth child, they each have their own “individualities” so, it’s practically like starting from scratch anyway.  

It’s daunting and exhausting and at moments seemingly impossible and unending.  

I can’t tell you how many times I have questioned and second guessed MYSELF.  

“Am I doing the right thing?” 

“Damn, I think I made a mistake..” 

“What the fuck do I do NOW????”  

And then… it happens.  

A stranger compliments your toddler’s shoes and BEFORE you get out the standard line: 

“What do you saaaay???” 

He looks up and says: 

“Tank you!”  

Did he just fucking say “thank you” on his OWN????  

Holy shit.  

Was that a fluke?  

Who IS this little person??  

I can’t believe it actually STUCK.  

And then (just for a second or two) all the scary stuff goes away, and your past mistakes don’t seem so bad after all.

Today my little one lost a doll.  She was so upset, and I was just about to go in to my:
“You gotta take better care of your stuff..” schtick, the big one turns around and says:

“It’s okay, you can have mine….”  

“Dafuq you just said?!?”

I can’t really explain to you my feelings at that exact moment….It was sort of a solace in the thought that maybe, just maybe I’m doing something RIGHT.  I subsequently paid them each a dollar to hug and kiss each other after that…. fuck it, it was a nice cap off, and you all know how I feel about briber …. uh, I mean “The Reward System”… lol.

Soooo, even if they HATE each other tomorrow, and she were to renege on her doll offer, there’s still that little piece of pride that STICKS with YOU and what you’re doing that helps you to get up tomorrow, and do it ALL OVER AGAIN.

Good Night.

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