ABC/NYC — The REAL Local Tour A-L

Im a local fucking New Yorker.  And when I say local, I mean LOCAL as in my ass was born a few blocks from where I live now and haven’t strayed much further since.

So, in honor of this wonderful, irreplaceable, and undeniably unique shit hole of a City that I LOVE, I have compiled a
from a the perspective of a
ABC style

No Empire State Building in this shit,
and no Statue of Liberty either,
that’s for fucking tourists.  

So join me  as I guide you through MY streets of NYC.
Picture book style, cause that’s all I’ve been reading these past 7 years…  

Introducing the first installment: A-L

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour so far. 
As soon as I start drinking again, I’ll get going on the next installment.

2 thoughts on “ABC/NYC — The REAL Local Tour A-L

  1. Oh I love this and can relate to all the above but I don’t know too many tourists who would sign up for your tour of NYC. LOL

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