Nobody’s perfect, and nothing spotlights this truth better than parenthood. For those of you that are parents, you know exactly what I mean. For those of you that have parents, THEY know exactly what I mean. I could stand here and write beautiful thoughts on the wonderment of holding your baby for the first time, or the delight of witnessing your child’s first steps, but frankly, who wants to read that shit when you’re literally covered in shit? Are there beautiful moments in parenthood? The answer is yes, in fact, there are moments so beautiful that you forget all the ugly… and that’s nice, but…I’m not about the nice. Let’s talk UGLY.

Why? Because it’s REAL. Because it connects us all as parents, and because commiseration keeps us sane. If you can relate to the ugly you know you’re not alone, and if you can LAUGH at the ugly, well then, it’s not so ugly after all.

WARNING: My sense of humor can be BRASH and I enjoy using foul language at times, so if you are super sensitive and over righteous, go ahead and show yourself out —

I ain’t mad at ya.