The Polite Cellulite.

The Polite Cellulite

I’m givin’ you a shout out today, cellulite,

No other cellulite is quite so polite!

Now given my age, and the shit that I eat,
Be it salty, or greasy, or sugary sweet,
I couldn’t deny you, or be fucking surprised,
When you came forth to greet me (as in)
The “backs of my thighs”.

In your arrival, your gesture was kind,
Center stage’s not for you, no, no, you prefer my behind!

For when I look at myself, I don’t see you one bit,
My front side is perfect, nice belly, nice tits.

You’re smart cellulite, you know where to go,
To the place I can’t see you, it’s as if you know…

So I’ll share with you my body, I’m not looking to fight,
Just keep to yourself and stay out of my sight.

Now pass me that cupcake.

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