Like Me!


Isn’t it funny how we notice little idiosyncrasies in our babies/children and try to peg their personalities as close to our own? Everyone has their own interpretation too. 

Dad, Grandma, Mommy — we all want our children to reflect at least SOME part (if not all) of our personality, even if it’s bad.

“Oh, see how mad he gets ’cause he can’t get his finger in his mouth? I was like that too, short tempered..”

 “Look at how she walks on her toes! Haha, a little dancer, just like me.” 

Why the fuck do we do this? 

Clearly they are our children, they came out of our bodies, they possess physical qualities that resemble our own… 

Isn’t that enough?! 

We do it as long as possible too, and then — it happens. 

He doesn’t care if you loved sweet potato as a kid or not, 

it’s going on the fucking floor. 

A young artist were you? 

Well, shove your crayons up your ass because she’d much rather toss a ball. 

You’re in shock, disbelief! 

Disappointment sullies your face (as well as the sweet potato he chucked at you). But you’re still holding on… 

“Well, okay, she wants to play with a ball, I was pretty athletic in fact I’ve been told I could catch a ball by 3 years old!” 

Guess what, she only wants to THROW it. 

So POW, there it is. Your kid isn’t like you. He or she LOOKS 

(kind of) like you but that’s about it.


At first we feel confused, even somewhat betrayed by our own blood. What is that about?? Do we think that by making this child we are entitled to stamp our own interests in to their genetic make up? 

Or are we hoping they exhibit something familiar, some injection of predictability in to the vast and intimidating unknown thing that is PaRANThood (lil plug there…. chill, it’s not like I made it bold)? 


Be grateful they’re not like us. So many times I have tried to shake them from my pant leg and push them to explore THEIR world, see what THEY are in to. 

Let THEM bring something new to the table for once! 

YOU might even learn something new

Remember, the more we try to convince them to like the ‘cool’ stuff WE liked, the more they’ll HATE it. 

And besides, they’ll leave you alone a lot longer if they’re doing something THEY like. 

Your child’s destiny is made by YOUR CHILD. 

Your only job is to give them the tools they need to seek it out.

Good Night.

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