I AM The Single Guy Position

Hey hey hey, I am a guy of thirty five years living in New York City but, I’m not  just any guy….  

I AM The Single Guy Position. 

Many of the women my age are having babies. There are strollers everywhere in this city, filled with little soft bags of cutely dressed chub and eyes staring back at me. 

I can’t help but look at these mommies – my contemporaries – and admire them in their daily grind. Some of them look euphoric – enthralled with their new bundles of light. Others, however, will tell you all the right things using just the perfect words, while their strained faces scream out “what have I done??” and “Get me out of this nightmare!”

This is a dangerous blog about these women from a daring single man’s perspective. And I know I have no right. But I think it is important to both celebrate, chronicle and comment on this pack of resilient women, for better or for worse.

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