So, I’m feelin’ pretty good lately. Like I’m owning shit. Well, not shit, more like, ME.  

Like I’m all up IN my skin, not just wearing it. It feels warm and fuzzy too…. and I haven’t even started drinking yet.  

When I look at my body in the mirror, it looks right.  

It doesn’t look great, it doesn’t look young, but it looks right.  

I’m not fucking ‘young’ anymore anyway which is okay, you see, I traded in my tight young ass for experience.  

Life Experience“, that is. 

Not totally ready to go full tilt and all wrinkly-assed for the sake wisdom yet, but I’m not totally turned-off by the thought of that like I used to be, either.

I guess I’m growing up.  

It took me a minute, but I’m getting there. 

One might say I’m “passing the baton”.  Well, I guess if the “baton” is a dick then that’d be right.  

What I’m sayin’ is, that when I was younger, you know, without kids hanging off my tits, I was so hung up on looking a certain way, fitting into what others classified as “attractive” or “hot”…and by “others”, I mean mostly, men.  

In factI think I was more concerned with that then just pleasing myself I’ve learned since then, that pleasing a man over yourself gets you a few things: hung up, stood up, fed up, and fucked up.  

My kids kinda taught me that lesson in a very “Tough Love” kind of way. 

They forced me, by their sheer existence, to prioritize

Like in the fucking Army when they “personality strip” your ass in order to rebuild you their way. Kids are like these little fucked up corporals that strip you of your frivolous ways.  

“Oh, hello mommy, I just dropped by to tell you…”
BAM!! There goes your body! 

BAM!! There goes your social life!
At first you’re all shell shocked…pissed off….depressed.  

“Where the hell did my life go???”
Ahhh, you see, that’s all part of the plan.  

After a while, you learn being pissed about it, just uses up valuable energy you could be using to survive…. 

and then my friends…..IT’S ON.

“I don’t care if I fit in these jeans or not, I NEED TO EAT!”

“I don’t care if my hair smells bad, I NEED TO SLEEP!”

“I don’t care what the hell I look like while I’m “doin’ the do”, if I’m gonna take time away from sleeping to fuck

And so, starts the cycle of OWNING YOUR SHIT.

It’s an individual process you see, this whole epiphany of “Owning Your Shit”, and may not have started to take effect in your life yet….but it will.  And you’ll know it when it does.  It has this nifty, confidence thing where you suddenly feel more attractive, without even trying.

So, here’s to getting older, getting experienced, letting your kids teach you the real deal, feeling good in your not-so-tight-skin, fucking for the feel of it, and OWNING. YOUR. SHIT.

Now, THAT’S something worth drinking to.
Cheers bitches!

10 thoughts on “OWN YOUR SHIT

  1. I like this one. Only thing is you can’t tell this to anyone. They have to go thru it for themselves. It’s like telling someone that a certain person is not for them…do they listen? They have to learn it the hard way. Too bad!

  2. YES. Just yes. Yes. Yes. I’m so glad you reposted this; I wouldn’t have seen it the first time since I only started following this blog a few months ago. You just knew I needed to hear that shit, didn’tcha?

  3. Bravo to this!! But I have a question… is it only kids who spur this growth you think? I’m feeling great in my skin too, confidence, self-love, etc. etc. but I’m still single!!! Maybe I’ll be in better shape when a man and baby pop up though, mastering this shit now… Love ya!

  4. This was the first blog of yours I had read and all I have to say is FUCK YES! Amazing wording, and just the overall message left me completely empowered. Absolute huge thanks to you!

  5. I needed this today, so thank you. I am a mother of a 4 y/o, a caretaker, cheerleader and chauffeur to my grandmother who is fighting breast cancer, and an exasperated partner to a bonafide man child Mama’s boy. (He’s a great dad, and I love him, but PICK UP YO SHIT already you know?) Then I caught a glimpse of my ass in a full length mirror and discovered what true love is, cause my man thinks it’s the best ass ever, stretch marks, cellulite and all. And even when I have no makeup and bags the size of texas under my eyes, my lil girl tells me I’m beautiful. So I’m gonna OWN MY SHIT from now on, cause life is to short to worry about looking “sexy” when I can love and be loved!

  6. Yeah i needed to hear this. Or should I say read this. You forget your life goes back to semi normal after a while. Lord knows the men in your life don’t make it easier either. Just gonna keep looking forward to tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder.

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