My Effing Philosophy

We all fuck up. 

Fucking up is good because fucking up is normal. 

Children need to know that it’s normal ’cause guess what? 

They’re gonna fuck up too.


It won’t be because YOU fucked up, it’ll be because they’re NORMAL. 

If your kids think that YOU’VE never fucked up, then when THEY fuck up, (and they will) they’ll think they’re abnormal, and THAT’S fucked up. 

So remember, fucking up when it comes to your kids is OK. 

As long as they KNOW you’ve fucked up, when they GROW UP they’ll think you’re normal and feel more comfortable coming to you when THEY fuck up…

and then at that point, you can go ahead and fuck them up.. 

…I mean, you ARE still MOM after all. 

Now I’m gonna shut the fuck up and go get wacked with my very normal Mom! 

Good Evening!!

3 thoughts on “My Effing Philosophy

  1. Love this and ohhh sooo very true! I ha e 6 kids, 3 teenagers and I tell them this quit often in making ur owm choice good or bad , great or fuck up! These r ur choices and u have to deal with good and bad consequences from ALL life choicesGood Luck and Mama luvs u!

  2. Well said! So much pressure nowadays to be the perfect parent, people need to realize that we are all far from perfect and fuck ups are a part of life.

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